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Find out about The Networking - Online Business Networking

The Networking - Online Business Networking

We meet fortnightly via Zoom and enjoy a mixture of introductions, testimonials, member’s presentations and 1-1 discussions. Although the group was started in South Devon and therefore has a number of South Devon Businesses,  the nature of online networking means that the group quickly started adding members from all over the UK and further afield.

The group started on the 18th June 2020 due to lockdown restrictions on physical networking and hasn’t looked back since.

The Groups

  • Called “The Networking”
  • The 15-20 business owners who come
    • help each other find new business
    • provide services to each other
    • offer business advice & support to each other
  • We have a system of one person per profession per group to maximise business potential for members, if there is any crossover between more than one member we make sure that is all worked out happily before a new member joins. This means when there is already somebody doing what you do in the group, you can’t join.


  • Fortnightly
    • Thursday 08:00-09:30
  • Online using Zoom (we stayed this way as we have members from a wide range of locations)
  • Format
    • Opening break out rooms for general chit chat
    • General introductions & particular requests
    • Testimonials & Thank Yous for previous business passed
    • Presentation from a member which is useful for other members but also highlights what that member does and hopefully make it easier to refer them
    • Break out chats, either 1-1s or small groups
    • Announcements

Obligations of Members

Please note members are encouraged rather than forced to do the following as we are all mature business people, however for the group to succeed it should sort of happen naturally.

  • Attend a minimum of approx 23 meetings (out of 26) p.a.
  • Encouraged to find referrals for other members
  • Encouraged to help other members with advice and support when needed (there will be an online forum for open discussions but also private chats encouraged)
  • Encouraged to have 1-1s with other members away from the meeting
  • Encouraged to invite possible new members – however it is important we are looking for quality over quantity. A groups of 20-30 will work strongly together. We are also not really looking for serial networkers who might have not as much allegiance to other members
  • Provide a good service to members and their referrals – bad service will be followed up
  • Pay monthly (£20pcm)or annual fees (£200 p.a.)

Online Networking Members

Black Swan Printers (Dawlish) Ltd

Richard Masters
Digital & Lithographic Printers

Elite Financial Consulting Ltd

Kelly Gribble
Mortgages & Property Finance


Andrew Deeney

Children’s Hospice South West

Henrietta Olsson
Children’s Charity